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Why us

Why the ASAE 401(k) Retirement Program? Why now?

Established in 2016, the ASAE 401(k) Retirement Program is a Group Trust that was created in order to provide the association and nonprofit community with access to this unique solution with specific benefits :

You value

Group Pricing

Feature: We leverage the Group Trust as a whole to gain access to institutional pricing that’s often out of reach for most associations and nonprofit organizations.

Benefit: The ROI increases for you and your employees, and every dollar invested in your plan goes further.

Fiduciary Support

Feature: We have mitigated some of the liability associated with 401(k) plans by assuming certain roles that are usually assigned to the employer.

Benefit: You have the support you need to meet your fiduciary obligations while spending less time vetting providers because we have done that for you.

Participant Engagement Tools

Feature: By including vetted team partners Empower Retirement and Pensionmark, your participants have secured access to retirement readiness calculators and education to boost their retirement readiness.

Benefit: Your organization can deliver a high-quality employee benefit that could tip the scales when recruiting and retaining top talent while providing a means for your employees to be well informed in retirement and financial wellness.

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