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Why us

Why the ASAE 401(k) Retirement Plan?

ASAE is committed to providing truly exceptional offerings, services, and essential tools that make you and your organization more successful. That’s why we have examined the retirement marketplace, done careful due diligence, and assembled a team of retirement industry experts to deliver the ASAE 401(k) Retirement Plan with valuable services at competitive prices.

Benefits of the Plan   

Group Pricing

You’ll have access to institutional pricing that’s often out of reach for most associations and nonprofit organizations. The ROI increases for you and your employees, and every dollar invested in your plan goes further.

Fiduciary Support

We have mitigated some of the liability associated with 401(k) plans. You have the support you need to meet your fiduciary obligations while spending less time vetting providers because we have done that for you.

401(k)  Plan Experts

Based on your organization’s asset level, select from ASAE-vetted retirement experts Empower Retirement, Pensionmark, Ubiquity and Jackson Avenue 401(k) Advisors as trusted advisors. Deliver a high-quality employee benefit that could tip the scales when recruiting and retaining top talent.

Select the solution that fits your organization to learn more about ASAE-vetted advisors.

Is your plan a start-up or less than $2 million in assets?

Micro 401(k) Plan Solutions

Is your plan over $2 million in assets?

Core Plan Solutions

ASAE Retirement Trust Committee

As the Discretionary Trustee of the Group Trust, the ASAE Retirement Trust Committee takes on the role of the named fiduciary responsible for management of the Group Trust assets, hiring third party providers, ensuring plan fees are reasonable, and ensuring compliance with DOL regulations. Each member of the ASAE Retirement Trust Committee brings unique and essential background and expertise to the table and collectively the group has over 240 years of experience in association management, financial services, and in design and delivery of benefit programs.

Sean Walters, Chair

Michael Rhim

Mary Kate Cunningham

George Morvis

Betsy Piper/Bach